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By: Benita Zahn

New York may be getting closer to providing you with more health insurance protections.

Right now it’s tough to know what your premiums real buy and many New Yorkers are getting slammed with unexpected and exorbitant medical bills.

“Tell your insurance company that whatever they would accept as reimbursement I and my team are willing to accept as insurance and payment in full,” said Chad Glazer.

Despite that concession by a specialist, Glazer still had a herculean battle to get his health insurer to approve his son’s treatment by that doctor who was out of network. Glazer shared his story at a roundtable discussion organized by Republican Senators Kemp Hannon and Greg Ball.

Glazer told them about the fight 12 years ago when his son was born with a rare liver disorder. Glazer prevailed and won, his son survived.

Senators Hannon and Ball are working for changes to health insurance in line with proposals recently made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo – to insure emergency services are covered no matter where you are when in need, and to prevent surprise bills and excessively high charges, or provide out of network coverage – which would help families like the Glazers.

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