Patient Reviews

I was absolutely pleased and happy with Dr. Kleinman's work. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done with also a septoplasty procedure (done by Dr. Matthew Kates, ENT).
S.S. Westchester, NY
I am a 50 year old male who had my nose broken twice, leaving me with a bump on the top of my nose and a drooping forefront. I visited a few plastic surgeons in New York City, but was lucky to find the best one for me was located here in Westchester
R.P. - Westchester, NY
"Dr. Kleinman gives you an honest answer and to me that means a lot. Thanks for a great experience. I am very happy with his work and I truly trust him."
N.A. - Westchester, NY
"Dr. Kleinman was very educated on my surgery and explained everything in detail of how the surgery would go. He was honest of what he could change and not change. He did an amazing job, I couldn't ask for a better outcome! The staff was so caring and made me feel like family. I'd highly recommend Dr. Kleinman to perform any surgery! Thanks for everything."
K.F. - Westchester, NY
"I went to Dr. Kleinman a few months ago for a rhinoplasty consult. I was very unhappy with my nose since childhood and I decided to finally do something about it. From the moment I walked in the office I felt comfortable thanks to Noela's cheerful disposition. I went into the room to speak with Dr. Kleinman about my nose and how surgery could help improve my appearance. ...."
S.M. - Westchester, NY
I awoke one morning a few years ago (then age 64), looked in the mirror, saw my that my eyelids were half closed, the pockets of fat under the eyes were beginning to bulge, the chin I had once had had all but disappeared..
SS- Westchester, NY
To all the skeptics out there who are thinking about having a face lift-DO IT!! Under the skilled hands of a meticulous surgeon such as DR.ANDREW KLEINMAN, it is a breeze. There were no post op complications...
D.L. - Westchester, NY
I want to highly recommend Dr Andrew Kleinman and his staff (including the attending nurses and anesthesiologist during the surgery) for a very successful face lift. The attention and care..
Anonymous, Westchester
I recently had an eye and face lift with Dr. Kleinman. The results were outstanding and totally exceeded my expectations. At the time of my surgery I was suffering with type 2 diabetes and had a real weight problem. Because ...
A.H., New York
One day I said to my husband, "If I were a kitchen, you'd have renovated me by now." I'm at retirement age but can't retire, in a career that requires stage performance of well-studied material. I have to be good and look good. Since my surgery I have the advantage of the twenty-year expertise with a fresh face.