Patient Reviews

I was a 70 year old woman with a very thick neck. The farthest thing from my mind was to have another surgery. A few years back I had surgery for a removal of a submandibular gland in my neck.
After many years of thought, silent discomfort and self-consciousness, with the advice of my family practitioner I went for a consultation at Dr. Andrew Kleinman's office.
For most people, standing up straight would never be considered a feat. For me, it was a milestone. As a 20 year old with huge breasts, I never felt comfortable in my body. I couldn't share clothes with my friends, always felt like I was being objectified, and a bikini? Forget about it.
S.L. - Westchester, NY
"Feel the Difference" I recently had my saline implants replaced with silicone by Dr. Andrew Kleinman. After getting consultations from 2 other doctors, Dr. Kleinman was the obvious choice.
Greenwich, CT
I was interested in Breast Augmentation for a few years and I spent time researching who to go to. My friend had gone to Dr. Kleinman for breast augmentation, and looked great after the procedure.
D.G. - Brooklyn, NY
"Let me just start by saying that I am not brave. I pass out by the mere mention of blood. I am afraid of needles, knives, R rated movies, and even boats! The other day I stubbed my toe and it caused a little bleeding, unfortunately I curled up on the bathroom floor in fright. I think you get the picture, I am not brave... "
R.D. - Fairfield County, Connecticut
I contemplated breast augmentation for over ten years. I decided to get breast implants because I felt my body was not balanced. My upper body is then and I was barely an A cup.
C.F. - Westchester, NY
I have always felt out of shape: the curves of my lower body did not match the narrow shoulders and small bust. The clothing would not fit properly and even when I was in intimate surroundings, I felt lacking of she fullness.
N.I. - Norwalk, Connecticut
Dr. Kleinman is a very down to earth guy who cares about his patient as a whole person. His skill and preciseness were obvious on the day of my consultation. I knew from that point on Dr. Kleinman was the perfect choice of surgeon for me.
E.P. - Westchester, NY
Prior to having my three children, I was a 34C and always happy with my breasts. After my three children, my breasts basically looked like empty bags. At age 43, I decided that wasn't good enough for me.
S.K. Rye, NY