Breast Reconstruction Clinic

Breast reconstruction, often referred to as reconstructive breast surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure able to reconstruct a natural-looking breast after mastectomy for cancer or other diseases. Breast reconstruction may be performed immediately after mastectomy or years later. In most cases, reconstructive breast surgery is performed in stages.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast reconstruction, serving clients in Westchester County for more than 25 years. Because there are many options for reconstructing the breast, he will work closely with you to develop a treatment that best meets your needs. Ideal candidates for breast reconstruction have had their cancer eliminated by mastectomy as best as can be determined.


The first stage of reconstructive breast surgery may be performed at the same time as the mastectomy or at a later date and typically involves the use of general anesthesia. Follow-up procedures may require just local anesthesia and sedation. Several different techniques exist for recreating the breast including skin expansion, flap reconstruction, and the use of implants. Additional procedure may be necessary to reconstruct the nipple and areola or to better match the natural breast to the reconstructed one.


Regardless of the technique used, patients will undergo a recovery period after surgery that may include some bruising, swelling and discomfort. Discomfort can be countered with medication. Recovery can take up to six weeks for more extensive procedures like a combined mastectomy and reconstruction or flap reconstruction.