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Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

With thousands of procedures performed, trust your Facelift surgery to Dr. Andrew Kleinman. Serving New York City, Westchester county, Greenwich, Fairfield county (Connecticut) and all surrounding areas.

A rhytidectomy, most commonly referred to as a facelift, is a plastic surgery procedure which can counteract the effects of time, gravity and sun exposure. Facelift surgery restores a fresher, more youthful facial appearance by improving sagging and loose skin, jowls, excess fat deposits, and creases and folds of the lower face and neck. Facelifts are available at Dr Kleinman’s office in Westchester, NY.

Dr. Andrew Kleinman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facelift procedures. Based in Westchester County, Dr Kleinman will work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to best achieve your desired look. While most facelift patients range in age from their forties to their sixties, facelifts may be performed at other ages as well. As with all types of surgery, anyone considering a facelift should be in good health and realistic about their expectations for the outcome.


Your facelift surgery may be performed with either local anesthesia and sedation or with general anesthesia. Several hours are typically needed to complete the procedure. Incisions are inconspicuously placed to allow the resulting scars to be well concealed, often behind the hairline and within the natural folds of the face and ears. Once the incisions are made, excess fat and skin are removed, the muscles are tightened, and the skin is re-draped.


Although Dr Kleinman will take every measure possible to keep your recovery time to an absolute minimum, inevitably after your facelift you will experience some bruising and swelling. Bruising is normal and usually takes no more than two to three weeks to subside. In addition, some discomfort can result which, though usually not too significant, can be countered with medication. You may find that some numbness of the skin is apparent which can last anywhere from several weeks to several months after surgery. Your bandages can be removed within one to five days while stitches are usually removed after about five days. Most likely of primary concern, most of Dr Kleinman’s patients are able to return to work and their usual routine within ten to fourteen days.


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