One day I said to my husband, “If I were a kitchen, you’d have renovated me by now.” I’m at retirement age but can’t retire, in a career that requires stage performance of well-studied material. I have to be good and look good. Since my surgery I have the advantage of the twenty-year expertise with a fresh face. It’s wonderful. I have a new confidence, personally and professionally. Before, I was embarrassed by the disparity between what I actually looked like and my air-brushed promotional photos. Now I’m air-brused myself. The effect is subtle. No one says: Nice facelift. They think I look so good because I’m rested or have lost weight, even my own mother and best friend. The recovery time was so short, no one would imagine I’d had time for this surgery. By the second day, I could go out, with minimal concealment from a scarf or my long hair. I only needed one week off from work. There was an adjustment period to the feeling of tightness, but no visible sign. The scars are very slight, well concealed and disappearing fast. When I first researched this, I spoke to a surgeon closer to home who would have dragged this out into two surgeries, one with an overnight stay in the hospital, for three times the cost. He was less experienced than Dr. Kleinman, less confident and he warned of scarring. His before and after book was not encouraging. I am really glad I made the decision to travel the extra miles to Dr. Kleinman. I already knew of him through a friend. He has a reputation for caring excellence, and for knowing how much change is the right amount. His office made immediate financing possible so there was no delay. Because of his efficient expertise. I had the lower face and neck lift in a single surgery of several hours with no overnight stay. He took extra time to minimize and even eliminate scars. He was very genuinely confident that he could help me and that made me confident as well. He has been honest and straightforward about all aspects of this surgery. I’ve felt that I was in excellent hands from the beginning and I am thrilled with the result.