A few months ago, I had a serious conversation with myself. I was 56, a successful entrepreneur, and had always prided myself on being in great shape. But over the last 3 years, I couldn’t seem to exercise my way out of a “fat pouch” on my stomach and my thighs were an embarrassment. So I went on the internet to find a great MD who specialized in liposuction and I found Dr. Andrew Kleinman. I called the number on his website and knew immediately that I had found the right doctor! I had a 15 minute conversation with Noella who was so encouraging and supportive. This is a woman who totally understands the meaning of “client service!” So many doctors don’t realize that “new patients” are not committed to following through with “treatment” unless they feel that they actually matter as INDIVIDUALS. Noella convinced me that I was in great hands! And after my first visit to Dr. Kleinman’s office, I knew I had made a great choice. Noella is even more impressive in person – she made me feel so special – as did Dr. Kleinman’s entire staff. I then had the great honor to meet Dr. Kleinman who I liked and more importantly, respected, immediately. He is an expert in his field and he talked and clearly takes his work very seriously. It is critical to approach liposuction in a spirit of openness and partnership with your doctor. Dr. Kleinman took the time to answer every one of my questions as he wanted me to be an “educated consumer.” And I am happy to report that I am totally thrilled with the outcome! As Noella said, “don’t you love how great you look in pants now?” And the simple truth was – I was ecstatic! So much of cosmetic surgery is about trust. I put 100% of my faith and trust in Dr. Kleinman and I have the immense satisfaction of knowing that I chose the best surgeon and the best staff to help me take my life in a new and fabulous direction. I am so grateful!! Click here to view information about VASER Lipo

– J.H. – Westchester, NY