After many years of thought, silent discomfort and self-consciousness, with the advice of my family practitioner I went for a consultation at Dr. Andrew Kleinman’s office. Dr. Kleinman and his nurse practitioner, Noela were very welcoming and informative. The information dismissed a lot of my fears and misconceptions about the procedure. The decision was made to move forward and I had a bilateral breast reduction in January 2011. While leading up to the day of the surgery, Dr. Kleinman and his staff consistently helped reduce my fears and presented a very positive outlook. There was tremendous relief immediately after the surgery. Neck and back pain was eased, and it was also easier to breath with the breast heaviness gone. My posture seemed to improve as well. Dr. Kleinman and I were very pleased with the outcome and recovery time was minimal. Clothing now has a much more comfortable fit, there is no pulling and tugging. My mental and physical comfort level has increased tremendously. Thank you Dr. Kleinman and Staff!