At age 59, the sun and the years had taken its toll on my skin. Looking into the mirror, I wanted to look the way I feel. I knew I wanted to improve the lines in my face and there was no questiont as to who I would contact. I go back many years with Dr. Kleinman. He had performed amazing results with my son when he had suffered facial injuries 20 years ago. I also had gone to Noela for Microdermabrasion. The resultw were fabulous and she was so lovely to work with. Recently, upon meeting with Dr. Kleinman to discuss options to improve my look, we decided that Botox to raise my brow line and Radiesse to fill the areas around my cheekbones would be a good choice. I am so thrilled with the results. I had the procedures done and went right back to work. Many people have remarked at how good I look for my age including my husband. Yet most people don’t know I had anything done. It is very natural looking. For anyone considering a cosmetic procedure, I would strongly recommend Dr. Kleinman. From the moment you enter his office, his staff will make you feel so comfortable.”

– C.A. – Westchester, NY