For most people, standing up straight would never be considered a feat. For me, it was a milestone. As a 20 year old with huge breasts, I never felt comfortable in my body. I couldn’t share clothes with my friends, always felt like I was being objectified, and a bikini? Forget about it. Many girls think that big breasts are the equivalent of all that is sexy, but to someone who is the owner of breasts that are too large for her body, they encapsulate the meaning of insecurity.” “My breast reduction surgery took place barely two weeks ago, but I can already say that Dr. Kleinman’s procedure has enhanced my life in every way possible. The very same day of surgery, my back stopped hurting. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and burst into tears because I finally looked like a normal person. I feel like an enlightened (literally and figuratively) version of my former self — along with two pounds of breast tissue, Dr. Kleinman has removed my insecurity and timidity.”

– S.L. – Westchester, NY