Rhinoplasty R.P. – Westchester, NY

I am a 50 year old male who had my nose broken twice, leaving me with a bump on the top of my nose and a drooping forefront. I visited a few plastic surgeons in New York City, but was lucky to find the best one for me was located here in Westchester. Dr. Kleinman explained what had happened to my nose, and graphically showed me what had to be done to correct the problems. My biggest concern was wanting my nose to look natural after the surgery. Dr. Kleinman listened, understood, and after a lengthy surgery in which he corrected everything that was wrong, left me with a natural looking man’s nose that reminds me of what my nose used to look like only better. A big test came exactly one week after surgery. I went to a Christmas luncheon at work with twenty-six people. Not one mentioned my nose or that I looked different. I am much more confident again because I feel people are not looking at the bump on my disfigured nose anymore. Thanks again Dr. Kleinman. Click here to view information about Rhinoplasty

– R.P. – Westchester, NY