Facelift SS- Westchester, NY
I awoke one morning a few years ago (then age 64), looked in the mirror, saw my that my eyelids were half closed, the pockets of fat under the eyes were beginning to bulge, the chin I had once had had all but disappeared, and said this is it – I need a facelif and thus the quest for the BEST plastic surgeon began in the tri-state area. I searched and researched, had numerous consultations, some with the Top plastic surgeons in New York and Westchester. I had even gone so far as to schedule surgery with one of Westchester’s top surgeons only to get cold feet and cancel losing a nice portion of my deposit – but no matter – I would rather lose the money then not feel 100% confident about undergoing surgery. I gave up the search for awhile and resigned myself to not trying to look in the mirror too often. Then three years lat at age 67, while passing by a store window I happened to take a glance – OH MY – I must do something – and that was the awaking moment. Thus again the search began – looking for the top rated surgeons in Westchester – my search led me to Dr. Andrew Kleinman. My first phone call for a consultation was met with such cordiality and friendliness – answering with gusto any questions that I might have had – that I was immediately anxious to met the doctor and his staff as soon as possible. My initial consultation only furthered my resolve that this is the one. Dr. Kleinman explained everything to me in such detail that I found I had no questions that had gone unanswered. He spent a great deal of time with me going over every minute detail of the surgery, post care – after care, etc. etc. This is the one – this is the one who instilled such confidence that I was willing to trust him with my face!!! And so it was!! The day of surgery I went into the South Shore Ambulatory facility with such a calmness and confidence knowing that I had finally found the perfect plastic surgeon. Now – two months after surgery I am so thrilled to have made the right choice – from my initial consultation, the courteous and extremely friendly staff, the surgery itself, the wonderful people at South Shore who sat with me during recovery and the wonderful after care provided by Dr. Kleinman. What can I say about Dr. Kleinman – simply put – THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST!!! Click here to view information about Facelifts

– SS- Westchester, NY