I have researched many surgeons in Fairfield and Westchester counties and have had cosmetic surgery with two other plastic surgeons in this area and I am certain that Dr. Kleinman is the best doctor around. Even after my second breast augmentation (with other surgeons) I was not satisfied with the shape of my breasts. There was rippling that I had to hide in the summertime and just an overall fake look about them. After having another procedure (vaser lipo which turned out great!) with Dr. Kleinman I knew that he was the one that could finally get it right. I asked his opinion on my breasts and he could see right away what was going wrong and how to fix them. Dr. Kleinman’s office staff are friendly, professional, sensitive and very respectful and they really all work together to help you pin point the results you want and offer support throughout the whole process. Dr. Kleinmans nurse worked really hard with me and Dr. Kleinman to decide on and find the best possible size and shape of implant. Dr. Kleinman is an absolute “Perfectionist”, is extremely thorough in every aspect of the surgery and all your office visits and is a pure gentleman when it comes to his conduct and bedside manner. Now that I know Dr..Kleinman and his team I feel like I have found my most trusted advisors in all my future cosmetic needs.

– RD Greenwich, CT