Rhinoplasty S.S. Westchester, NY

I was absolutely pleased and happy with Dr. Kleinman’s work. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done with also a septoplasty procedure (done by Dr. Matthew Kates, ENT). Everything from the first office visit to my post-op visits has been great. Dr. Kleinman and Noela (his assistant) are so courteous and patient. They take the time to explain all the details of the procedure and to answer any questions you may have. I had so many questions which both Dr. Kleinman and Noela answered. They really made me feel at ease to get this procedure done. I knew I was in good hands! On the day of the procedure, Dr. Kleinman showed me my before pictures before the operation and went over again what I should expect after the procedure and what the final look would be. Again, seeing how detailed and patient he was to answer my questions showed me how dedicated he was. I needed a septoplasty procedure done as well at the same time. Dr. Kleinman recommended Dr. Matthew Kates (ENT) to me. I’m so happy with Dr. Kates work and also kindness. No wonder they work so well together, they are both great doctors in the OR and in person with the patient! Noela called me after the procedure to check up on me. She gave me a lot of advice on how to care for my nose and the healing process. I am so grateful for all of her patience. The final outcome of my nose is great! My nose looks natural and fits my face just perfectly. Dr. Kleinman managed to leave my nose as is just minus the flaws. I’m forever thankful to Dr. Kleinman for removing my beak nose! It’s perfect now and I can’t stop looking at my new profile. I highly recommend Dr. Kleinman to others needing this procedure. He really is wonderful. The whole experience was very positive and rewarding in the end. Click here to view information about Rhinoplasty

– S.S. Westchester, NY