Breast Augmentation S.K. Rye, NY

Prior to having my three children, I was a 34C and always happy with my breasts. After my three children, my breasts basically looked like empty bags. At age 43, I decided that wasn’t good enough for me. I recently lost some weight and with that my breasts got smaller and to me, much less attractive. Having worked so hard on my physical appearance in the gym, I decided I wanted to research breast augmentation as an option for getting back what I once had. I started to notice many women around me that had clearly had breast implants, I thought maybe I would look into it. I decided just to explore the option until I called Dr. Kleinman’s office. After a lengthy conversation with Noela, I knew I was going to go through with the procedure. She immediately put me at ease. I have always considered myself to be very natural, she assured me Dr. Kleinman did not do the showgirl look. Shortly after our first conversation, I went in for my consultation. Dr. Kleinman never asked for a consult fee (which many other surgeons do) and spent a very long time with me explaining the procedure and all the options. I left feeling like I had all the information I needed, and even got to try on different sized implants to see which might be better for me. Many of my friends who have been through this procedure said they did not get this same treatment. I was even able to bring in many clothing items to see how they would work with the implants. After the first try on session, I didn’t want to leave the office without my new breasts! I couldn’t wait to schedule the surgery. We decided on a date and I counted the days. Noela kept in touch with me, invited me back to try on more clothes and decide on the final size. Dr. Kleinman reviewed the procedure in detail. I knew exactly what to expect during the procedure and the days following. On the day of surgery, I was pleased to have a fantastic anesthesiologist who put me at ease. Dr. Kleinman came in and told me I was very assymetrical but he would be able to fix a lot with surgery. The procedure was very easy, I woke up feeling a little uncomfortable but nothing a little pain medication couldn’t fix. I was home that afternoon helping my mom get dinner ready for my family. The next few days were mildly uncomfortable but Noela told me to try to stop taking the pain medication and switch to Tylenol. This proved to be great advice as I immediately felt like myself after a few days and was able to resume most of my normal routine. One big concern I had was getting back to the gym and getting my strength back. I am happy to say that as of today, approximately 2 months post surgery, I am fully back to my preop fitness level. Dr. Kleinman was also true to his word, the asymmetry was corrected and my new breasts are fabulous! I have even been told by bra salespeople that they are the most natural looking implants they have ever seen! Having a breast augmentation was the best thing I have ever done for myself and picking the right plastic surgeon was instrumental in getting the best outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Kleinman to anyone who wants beautiful, natural looking breasts. Click here to view information about Breast Augmentation

– S.K. Rye, NY