After two pregnancies accompanied by excessive weight gain, my abdomen was permanently scarred with stretch marks and my skin loose and flabby. Exercise and diet regimens did nothing to change the situation. And that was more than 20 years ago…. Over time, I simply accepted my maternal badge of honor as a fact of life and focused on other positives – good health, a devoted husband and a happy life; why complain? But deep down, I wasn’t happy about the way I looked or how I felt about myself and when menopause ultimately brought further changes to my body, and my waistline basically disappeared, I began to feel “shapeless” and less feminine and I was frequently disappointed that many styles I’d worn in the past, no longer flattered my shape at all. Consulting a plastic surgeon had frankly never occurred to me. That was for other people; the rich and famous perhaps, or people who needed to look their best to earn a living. I viewed plastic surgery as too expensive, too time consuming and just way too self indulgent for someone like me – a practical, down-to-earth person, with an ordinary lifestyle, a busy schedule and a personal budget to balance. Eventually though, I gave myself permission to explore the possibilities and was surprised to learn that plastic surgery was not reserved for the select few and that more and more people like myself were quietly taking advantage of its benefits. Researching the topic thoroughly, I determined that the key factor in experiencing a safe medical procedure and enjoying the best possible outcome, was finding an outstanding, board-certified physician to guide me through the benefits and risks. My research brought me to Dr. Kleinman and his knowledgeable and empathetic staff. They listened, asked pertinent questions, explained everything thoroughly and accurately and gave me all the information I needed to move forward confidently. Looking back now, the most difficult task for me was finding the courage to make that first call to Dr. Kleinman’s office and initiate the process. The only thing I regret? – that I didn’t make that call many years earlier… Click here to view information about Tummy Tuck

– E. R. – Ardsley, NY