VASER Liposuction has completely enhanced my body and life. I, unfortunately, inherited two physical characteristics of my mother, her big hips and big thighs. Growing up as a teenager, I could never fit into blue jeans because of my thighs. I always wanted to fit into Levi Jeans because all the cool kids would wear them. I had to settle with the other brand because my thighs would fit into them. I thought I would just have to live with them. Over the years, even when my weight went down a lot, I still could not lose these stubborn inner thigh pockets of fat. I finally decided one day to explore the option of traditional liposuction. I went to Dr. Andrew Kleinman, ASAP Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Westchester, a few years ago to discuss the options for me. He told me at the time, that while weight wise I was a good candidate, his concern was if he did traditional liposuction in my inner thighs, it could leave many irregularities. I decided at the time to wait because he said that there was technology that was coming down the road that would leave fewer irregularities. I was thrilled when I was contacted by Dr. Kleinman’s office that he had gotten the VASER Liposuction system. I went in to see if I was still a good candidate. Dr. Kleinman told me that since the VASER Liposuction melts the fat prior to him removing the fat, he can actually sculpt the inner thigh or any body part. He stated “Now we have the technology I was waiting for. I was thrilled when Dr. Kleinman told me yes he would do the procedure on me. The day of surgery was interesting as I had what it seemed like a million before photos taken. Dr. Kleinman proceeded to mark the areas he was going to remove the fat. Of course, I encouraged him to take as much fat from my inner thighs as possible. He performed the procedure under a local sedation and I hardly felt any pain. I did have slight discomfort intermittently, however, not enough to stop the procedure. Post procedure I had my compression garment put on. The funny part was, prior to the surgery, I had placed the compression garment on and it was so uncomfortable. However, post procedure, the garment fit perfectly. Approximately one week post surgery I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked down at my inner thighs and I saw daylight J. I must admit, since I was a teenager, I had never seen daylight when I put my knees together. I am a woman in my mind forties and for the first time ever, I now see daylight! So now I will start shopping for new pants and perhaps even consider getting white pants for the summer. I absolutely love the results and would encourage anybody who is frustrated with their genetics (mine was the inner thighs and hips) to know that there is something that you can do about it. Dr. Kleinman has the ability to sculpt your body and get rid of those areas that all the exercise in the world can not get rid of. His over 20 years of experience as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, his scientific mind (he did go to MIT and geometry was one of his favorite subjects), and VASER Liposuction technology is the real deal. Too often we are fooled by other technologies that make too many promises without the results. Dr. Kleinman took the time to explain to me what he could do with the VASER and what he couldn’t. I encourage everyone I know that if they want to get results, they should go to Dr. Kleinman. Click here to view information about VASER Lipo

– P.M. – Greenwich, CT