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A few months ago,

A few months ago, I had a serious conversation with myself. I was 56, a successful entrepreneur, and had always prided myself on being in great shape. But over the last 3 years, I couldn't seem to exercise my way out of a "fat pouch" on my stomach and my thighs were an embarrassment. So I went on the internet to [...]

VASER Liposuction has

VASER Liposuction has completely enhanced my body and life. I, unfortunately, inherited two physical characteristics of my mother, her big hips and big thighs. Growing up as a teenager, I could never fit into blue jeans because of my thighs. I always wanted to fit into Levi Jeans because all the cool kids would wear them. I had to settle with [...]

After month of research

"After month of research Dr. Kleinman was the first and last consultation I needed. The staff was wonderful and he made me feel comfortable and excited about the surgery." "The results were amazing and Dr. Kleinman was great!" - A.V. - Westchester, NY

Tummy Tuck

When I first walked into Dr. Kleinman's office I was immediately at ease. Noela called me by my name and came out to greet me. I had already been to two other surgeons to have a consultation on my tummy tuck so I wasn't expecting to hear anything new from Dr. Kleinman. I spent over an hour with Dr. Kleinman and [...]

Tummy Tuck

I am writing to you and Dr. Kleinman to thank you for the wonderful experience I had before, during and after my abdominoplasty surgery in May 2009. The level of care and expertise from your office made the process worry free. But more importantly, the results have more than I could have hoped for. I have a flat, smooth stomach and [...]

Tummy Tuck

After two pregnancies accompanied by excessive weight gain, my abdomen was permanently scarred with stretch marks and my skin loose and flabby. Exercise and diet regimens did nothing to change the situation. And that was more than 20 years ago.... Over time, I simply accepted my maternal badge of honor as a fact of life and focused on other positives - [...]

When I first went

"When I first went in for my laser hair removal with Noela, I was a bit skeptical. I have been to one of those advertised laser facilities for hair removal and received little results after many treatments. After paying hundreds of dollars I decided I just wasn't a good candidate for laser hair removal. I was wrong. Noela removed a good [...]

Having experience with

Having experience with other surgeons in this area I was very picky when it came to considering letting someone near my face. But my eyes were getting tired and sad looking and it really bothered me as that is not how I felt. Dr. Kleinman is like an artist! He spoke to me in very simple English about symmetry, relief and [...]

At age 52, sun and

"At age 52, sun and gravity has taken a toll on my face. Unhappy with my appearance I visited Dr. Kleinman who understood how I felt. He administered Botox around my eyes and forehead which brought back my brow arch. He also administered Juvederm around my nose and lips which showed results immediately. He took years off my face. I am [...]

At age 59, the sun

"At age 59, the sun and the years had taken its toll on my skin. Looking into the mirror, I wanted to look the way I feel. I knew I wanted to improve the lines in my face and there was no questiont as to who I would contact. I go back many years with Dr. Kleinman. He had performed amazing [...]

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